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Legacy Capital is a leading crypto project incubator that offers a comprehensive suite of services to help bring your crypto project to life. With expertise in crypto marketing, design, project development, and venture capital funding, our team of partners has the knowledge and experience to guide you through every step of your project.


At Legacy Capital, we believe that success lies at the intersection of creativity, technology, and strategy. That's why we've assembled a talented group of experts in the crypto space, each with a unique set of skills and experience to help bring your vision to reality.


Whether you're just starting out or well into the development phase, Legacy Capital can help. Our deep network of connections within the crypto community ensures that you have the resources and support you need to succeed.


At Legacy Capital, we're committed to helping you build a successful crypto project. Let us help you turn your vision into a legacy.

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120 BNB Raise

I would like to thank the adviser of my project

 guys who officially work for pinksale. this project is labeled with the based label, it just officially proved their help.

They completely orchestrated our marketing campaign for the presale, as well as the campaign before the listing, which will be today!

It's legacy capital - @ALTmoney2020 @skools  these guys are very cool! 

I also had the help of free agent Stan - @stan_earn , without him my team could not have made it! Thank you all for your expertise! I am sure that if everyone works this well pinksale will reach the next level! 

Thank you again!🚀


1000 BNB Raise

Project filled 1000 bnb in the bear market. @ALTmoney2020 the best incubator 🤩

DPAD Finance

690 BNB Raise

Hello builders, we have finished our presale successfully, raising HC 690 BNB.🚀 Thanks to this network group members, got to learn a lot from you guys. This group is a gem. A big thanks to @ALTmoney2020 and your team in Legacy Capital for the guidance in marketing our presale. Recommended! Thanks to @saulpink and the Pinksale team for building this awesome platform and community.👍


710 BNB Raise

We Artex have gone through relaunch of the project! We did hired Legacy Capital company and they have raised 710bnb in our fairlaunch that ended few minutes ago. I’m thankful to who Legacy Capital team. And for sure we will continue to work even closer with them. Thank you @CryptoLife2021 @ALTmoney2020 @Shr_eif @skools 

@LeXcJustin @thereallegacy 🎉🍾 - Orlando Gere of Arex

LULU Market

275k BUSD Raise

Another successful presale on the books! Thank you again @CryptoK23, @HULKSCALLS , and the Legacy Capital team! @LeXcJustin you are a rockstar 🤩

Stake Protocol

500 BNB Raise

Thank you Legacy Capital, @Shr_eif @ALTmoney2020, real understanding of Marketing Strategy in the space and always bringing results. Stake Protocol can't thank you enough. It is the personal time you take to understand the project and go as deep as to amplify our Socials! Recommend highly🔥🤝🏻 

Thanks to @saulpink @Seano180 and all the pinksale guys for the excellent platform and support, truly excellent.  Hit 500bnb easily in this current market🔥

And also a big thanks to @HULKSCALLS and all our influencers here for their promo work.

Stake Protocol thanks you all🤝🏻🔥


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