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We pride ourselves in being one of the strongest go to market solutions for emerging tokens in the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum ecosystem.

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How do we work?
Understanding Unique Needs
Understanding Unique Needs

Understanding the unique needs and requirements that go along with being successful in the cryptocurrency market is exhausting, underestimated and almost always ends up making project developers become reactive rather than proactive

Start with General Consulting
Start with General Consulting

Consultation is one of the first steps to be completed when you choose Legacy Capital to be a part of your project. This service is free for the first time to develop the understanding of the specific project’s needs and requirements so a full plan can be created.

Marketing & PR Management
Marketing & PR Management

Legacy Capital offers multi level marketing of all kinds. As a consulting firm, we work with some of the top, high caliber Marketing and PR firms from around the globe to create specifically tailored to grow your token and sustain that growth.

Project Management
Project Management

Whether it be weekly meeting management or planning and tracking daily operations for the token team deliverables, we have the ability and team to do it all. This is normally an hourly billed rate to retain the service of a project management professional.


We provide reliable crypto marketing and development solutions.

Digital Marketing & PR

Let us tailor a specific plan to fit your needs. We can navigate the fast moving world of influencers and PR campaigns to help your token grow organically and efficiently.

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Digital Marketing & PR
Social Media
Press Release
Blockchain Development

Whether your team is starting a new token, NFT project, exciting new dApp or integrating new tech to your blockchain services, we can cover every aspect of development and security audit services.

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 contract YourToken is ERC20 {
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Listing Consultation & Execution

Navigating the steps and processes required to grow as chain takes experience. With important connections in the CEX community and experienced personnel in listing on Coin Market Cap and Coingecko, we are here to guide you through.

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